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Don't DJ - Wiederganger

Berceuse Heroique

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Don't DJ returns to BH after a series of sick EPs and that excellent debut album. Florian Meyer, a Dusseldorf-based producer, has always straddled the line of club music, each release teetering either on the side of danceability or toward a style that requires more active listening.

On Wiederganger, the pendulum swings back towards club, both tracks featuring a regular (relatively speaking) pulse, and a tendency towards more straightforward development than some of Meyer's most esoteric work. This dancefloor focus works, brilliantly, allowing Meyer to develop his considerable chops at interweaving organic and synthetic textures into thicker configurations.

A side Zwischending (translating roughly as In-Between or Middle Ground), a regular kick-snare pattern allows an acid-tinged bass to rhythmically phase in and out of time, inducing a hypnotic but delirious effect.

B side Wiederganger has an air of Livity to it - a fairly simple house-derived percussive pattern provides the bedrock for heavily swung cross-rhythmic plucks of synth to teeter on top of. Thin whispers of what sound like a pad disturb the mood powerfully, and provide addictive flashes of tonal colour to the track.