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Dopplereffekt / Objekt - Hypnagogia

Leisure System Records

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Exceeding technoid rhythms on Leisure System -

Split 12" with the legendary 'Dopplereffekt' of Drexciya fame and fresh-faced, UK-based dancefloor mutation expert Objekt.

Two fantastic tracks on this disc, with a retrospective look at the future, the tracks both feel clean-cut and chiseled to impeccable degree whilst maintaining all the analogue depth and clarity we love from early Electro jams - machine music with soul.

Lucid pads and sparkling arpeggios are the driving force behind Dopplereffekt's piece, super introvert and assertive...

Objekt delivers a very very strong counterpart, pitching up the pace to a comfortable 150bpm, 'Ganzfeld' places razor sharp drum edits over a big-bellied, ever-sure bassline that muscles it's way through a mist of hardcore styled pads and atmospherics.

Dancefloor upliftment.

Dopplereffekt - Hypnagogia

Objekt - Ganzfeld