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Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town


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Best Dressed Chicken In Town!

What a great name for an Album.
Dr. Alimantado matches the title with ease, lyrically and musically this album comes with a style and fashion that cannot be tested.
From the lively re-lick of Horace Andy's 'Ain't No Sunshine' that lends the album it's title, to his brilliant Deejay cut of Horace's 'Quiet Place' which the Dr. revisits on 'Poison Flour' and 'I Shall Fear No Evil' and of course the uplifting lifeforce that he presents on his cut of the famous 'Ali Baba'.

A collection of his singles from around '72 - '78 - many of them produced by himself - 'Best Dressed Chicken In Town' was engineered by Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Gussie Clarke, King Tubby and Scientist, and originally released on Greensleeves in 1978.

It's still regarded as one of the best albums out there, and upon listening to it, you'll probably agree.
It's undeniably fresh, even in this day and age... never mind the fact that it was made around 40 years ago.

If you listen closely you will find a vocal sample that 'Vex'd' snatched for one of their first records 'Gunman' which could vaguely be described as proto-Dubstep, back in 2005.

Wether you're a reggae enthusiast or not, do yourself a likkle favour... This is simply too good to miss.

"Best Dressed Chicken in Town"
"Just The Other Day"
"Poison Flour"
"Gimmie Mi Gun"
"I Killed The Barber"

"Unitone Skank"
"Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks"
"Ride On"
"Plead I Cause"
"I Shall Fear No Evil"

Best Dressed Chicken in Town / Just The Other Day

Poison Flour / Gimmie Mi Gun


Ride On / Plead I Cause