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Drax - Drax Trilogy (AFU Limited 12")

AFU Limited

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Big, big stomping Drax classics from the mid 90s, remastered and pressed up on red wax - play them loud please.

Amphetamine is a big anthem, hard to deny the infectiousness of this one.
And in a recent resurgence of certain trance tunes (some definitely aged well, and this right here is one of them) this one has found new fame once again, lighting up dancefloors two decades later. We remember drinking quality Pilsner and watching Beneath drop this to an almost empty dancefloor in Prague once - even if there weren't many people there, we're pretty sure everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and you can imagine what kind of scenes might unfold in a bigger arena.
Nah jokes aside, this is a BIG tune. Blast it loud and dust off those cobwebs with a good old hands in the air stomp.

Phosphene, the 2nd reissued cut on this disc - collected for the first time on the same record, if I'm not mistaken - is a narsty piece of acidic techno funk - absolute filth on those overdriven kicks, with a real sneaky synth arpeggio worming it's way through dark holes into euphoric bliss.
Pop a gurner to this one, the doctor ordered it.

Last up, we got Section 2 - another rude piece of dubbed out hard techno euphoria, proper eyeballs to the back of the head, synapse sizzler, this one.

Fuckin' get in there!



Section 2