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Dread And Fred - On High: Iron Works Part 2 (Jah Shaka Music) LP

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Early 90's steppers from the Dread And Fred on the Jah Shaka imprint -

Original Shaka style UK dub music from the highly influential Dread And Fred - blueprint steppers artists from the late 80's onwards.

This Iron Works Part 2 pushed their sound into perhaps more 'futuristic' regions than the first Iron Works already had... This was known at the time as 'Year 2000 dub'... In the early 90's this name would've had a different impact than it does now, but to be honest, the foundations that this kind of music laid for soundsystem music to this day, still remains - as anyone who has attended a recent Iration Steppas, Shaka or Aba Shanti session will testify.

Hardcore dub with the Yamaha DX7 and drum machine running into the reds - music to be played at many decibels in the dancehall, with the pre-amp hitting overload.

A crucial collection of Dread and Fred.

Side 1:
1. Dub On The Move
2. Mystical Forces
3. The Highest Region
4. Advancing Warriors
5. Jah Children

Side 2:
1. On High
2. Jah Send Me
3. Scratch Dubbing
4. Realm Of The Heartbeat
5. Mandela Dub

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