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Dreams - Vision Zero

Subsubtropics Brazil

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LA-based producer Dreams aka Jesse Pimenta links up with Sao Paolo-based Subsubtropics for Vision Zero, a post-punk styled selection of dancefloor focussed techno heaters which range from the acidic grunge of Stop to the booming electro-funk of Meditation II.

There's an alarming amount of variety on offer here - the two sides of the disk broadly breaking the record down into the two peak time heaters and the more explorative selection of cuts. Vision Zero definitely takes the cake when it comes to the peak time, a relentless gated bassline and percussion section building into a feverish crescendo that breaks into the track's ultimate moment of catharsis with the introduction of a synth suitable only for the biggest of rooms - expect this at a warehouse near you soon.

Earlier mentioned Meditation II along with Eyes That Burn crank up the post-punk axis referencing, touching on artists like New Order and latter day Joy Division with a more upbeat twist - not a million miles away from the work of artists like Broken English Club, but with a bit less of a dour expression!

Vision Zero

Eyes That Burn

Meditation II

Stop (Innyster Treta-Treatment Remix)