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Dresvn - First Voyage

Honest Jon's

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Blinding paired back house jams from the Sex Tags affiliate Dresvn with a rather tasty Sottofett remix, on Honest Jon's no less - what's not to like?

Branching out from the Acido label, the duo comprised of SVN  and Dynamo Dreesen touch down on the prestigious HJ label with this wicked 12". Up top their original track 'First Voyage' gets a tickle from Sex Tags label bossman DJ Sottofett  - No stranger to the London label after his album last year he continues his lush Balearic leanings here with swelling pads and intricate percussion - infinitely danceable and thankfully, nearly 8 minutes long so you can get locked into the groove. Finishing the topside is the interlude of 'Sleepy Bay' which strips back the drums and gives those evolving pads and sparkling keys room to breathe, great set starter this one too.

The flip, however is the main event - 'Tippu Tip’s Ghost' stretches out over a whole side, killer hi-hats are the main feature here, so smashed they almost threaten to tear the mix in half - ruff and rugged drums are countered by freewheeling dub leaning FX and constantly evolving percussion which works itself up into a frenzy towards the end. L.I.E.S meets Perlon kinda styles on this side - magic.


First Voyage (DJ Sotofett mix)

Sleepy Bay

Tippu Tip’s Ghost