• Drew McDowall, Muqata'a, CASKO, Adel Poursamadi & Tegh - Marks of Existence

Drew McDowall, Muqata'a, CASKO, Adel Poursamadi & Tegh - Marks of Existence

Exist Records

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Jawdropping foray into cold hard wax from the Exist Festival crew - an ongoing DIY exchange between Palestine's experimental scene and allies in Europe + beyond that's a shining beacon of anti-colonialist politics, heartfelt cultural exchange and everything musically stunning in the world. 
Working tirelessly to raise the profile of domestic artists + invite pals like Jay Glass Dubs, CCL, Bokeh Versions, Hiro Kone into their fold.....Exist are doing the grassroots work building bridges in a time of collapsing mortar. [Close followers of Avon Terror Corps might remember the fundraiser compilation they put out together last year too]. 
Opening 12" proceedings is COIL / Psychic TV legend Drew McDowall's celestial modular synthesis, peppered with twinkling gamelan-like timbres. 
Next: Muqata'a (from Discrepant) industrialised assaults on percussive conventions - reminds us of track-pad Nyege Nyege breaks innovations.
From the B side: CASKO's (Opal Tapes) lights-on EBM raver could be straight off the Slack Alice comp. And Adel Poursamadi & Tegh close things off with a gut-punch of razor-edge drones and pulsating bleeps.
The combination of these 4 artists is both surprising and seamless: across 4 tracks it's a tantalising two fingers to any 'world music' afficionados or Guardian readers / politics students who constantly pigeon-whole Palestine and the region as a war torn place of turmoil, consistently undermining its creative and cultural autonomy. 
This is a proud noise, a statement of worth and taste equalling / surpassing anything released at home, all bundled in the warming embrace of the DIY spirit and the will to........exist. 



Drew McDowall - Conceal The Wound

Muqata'a - Idari

Casko - The Price You Pay To Be Unattached Flesh

Adel Poursamadi & Tegh - Atf