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Drone - Horror / Boofy Remix

Sector 7 Sounds

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Weighty drop on Sector 7 Sounds - the 10th release -

Drone, who came with that sharp-shooting S7S007 a little while back, is back at the controls here for Boofy & Lemz's label -
Proper bit of swagger going on here, ye olde horror samplism in re-pitched grime/trap mode.
Boofy's remix is the weapon of choice for us, loaded up with a proper good lean and an extra dishing of swervy clap & horror hook combinations -
kinda reminds (in a very good way) of that Goldeneye refix by Spooky, and we're sure it can do similar things to the crowd of people shocking in front of a worthy soundsystem.

Big up Sector 7.

Drone - Horror

Drone - Boofy Remix