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DrumTalk - SNB / Super Vega


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Afro-leaning dancefloor swagger from DrumTalk -

Following his brilliant remixes for Sofrito and Soundway, DrumTalk made a big impression on us already, with his raw, electronic take on african rhythms mixed with a harder-edged palette and a good dose of restraint.

This two track 12" on the 'GetMe!' imprint further showcases his angle, with two fresh-faced cuts, ready to work the crowd....

On the A, we find 'Super Vega' coming in with a kind of Garage 2-step freshness, whilst maintaing it's hard-knocks body and vital, polyrhythmic groove and melody...
B Side movements are centred around metallic synth arpeggios and counter-reactive, resonant drum-hits, a combination that sits just right in between the organic, human sound that informs the rhythm, whilst making good use of the 'machine music' spectrum that lends it's aesthetic.

Put short, it's an edgy, highly effective recipe that's sure to make the dancefloor sweat when dropped in the club, one for the DJ's and the dancers!

Super Vega