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Dub Defender ft. Brother Culture & Joe Pilgrim - Faya Faya


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Great steppers business from Dub Defender w/ two vocals, two dubs -

There is a lot of steppers dub out there that simply doesn't cut it when it comes to delivery -

Sometimes the vibe alone can carry a tune, even if the production and pressing isn't great... thankfully this 12" ticks all boxes, from the vibe to production, to musicality through to pressing quality and sleeve art: Dub Defender and the 'Discordian' label deliver the goods.

Two well executed vocals from the experienced voices of Brother Culture and Joe Pilgrim, commanding over a big bassline and decisive drum pattern that is sure to give the scoops something to work with.

Expertly dubbed out, melodica,  horn parts and distant chimes sway over the rhythm in dubwise style and fashion.

This is a disc built for soundsystem use, make sure you play it loud and play it right... from chapter to chapter - continue the pressure as you lift the adaptor.

Wicked piece!

Brother Culture - Faya Faya

Joe Pilgrim - No Barriers

Dub Defender - Faya Faya (Dub Version)

Dub Defender - No Barriers (Dub Version)