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Dub Invasion ft. Earl 16 - Free Up Yourself

Sufferah's Choice

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Fresh out on the Sufferah's Choice imprint, ran by pirate radio & Dubkasm veteran Dj Stryda -

The debut 12" from long time Bristol head in the roots & dub scene, known for notorious heavy steppers made on the electribe, and coming with a more roots-indebted take of his steppers sound for this one, with none other than the original Earl 16 on vocals -

Coming with an uplifting, rootical steppers cut, very heavy on the drum, and the bass, but filled with enough musical spice to keep that roots & culture vibe alive, Dub Invasion delivers a soundsystem-ready cut for Earl 16 to come with a liberating vocal, hitting those tones that only he does.
Along with the vocal cut, we got an instrumental, dub & and a raw version, so you can enjoy the rhythm and explore the depths of the foundations as they are shot through the mixing board, reinterpreted for maximum meditation when played in consecution, ideally on a proper soundsystem, as intended.

Heavyweight Bristol roots, done real good >> Big up Dub Invasion, Earl 16, DJ Stryda and everyone involved, as always.

Earl Sixteen - Free Up Yourself

Dub Invasion - Dub

Dub Invasion - Instrumental

Dub Invasion - Version