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Dub Out West - Volume 1 (Roots Cultivatas)

Nubian Records

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Original Press, a musical gem from the South-West! -

We were very pleased to be offered a handful of copies of these excellent 'Dub Out West' records, featuring some outstanding works from the mid 90's -

The Bristolian labels 'Nubian Records' and 'Armagideon Sounds' joined forces for this one, compiling some crucial roots and dub tracks from musicians based around the Bristol area and neighbouring cities... Some of which were, at the time, at the beginning of their fledging careers.

Across two discs, we are presented with an array of original soundsystem cuts, most of which still exceed many of the modern efforts to release steppers and dub records.
Musically and creatively it's a fine selection of raw talent and underground roots music that inhabits these records.
From the early 'Daddy Roots' production, through to 'More Rockers' very own 'Peter D', a cut from Rob Smiths old alias 'Red & Blue', unmistakeable Alpha &Omega, A ruff rework of the 007 theme by 'Dub Plate Vibes Crew' through to the legendary Bristol outfit 'Black Roots' - the quality is consistent throughout.

A great testament to UK soundsystem music, and of course a brilliant reminder of the South-West based talent that has always steadily emerged from these areas.
Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are well worth the investment.... A real treat.

Comes with a B&W insert containing short introductions to the artists, and how to contact them (Although we wouldn't bank on those address's and phone numbers still being valid!)

The price tag is as low as we could keep it for this, still beats any Discogs price - and these records are in superb condition.


Side 1:
Daddy Roots - Visions Of Dub
Peter D - Jah Pure & Clean
Henry & Louis - Beulah
Side 2:
Armagideon - Addis Dub
Dub Crusaders - Freedom Part III
Ratman - Fanfare
Alpha & Omega - Promised Land (Dubplate Mix)

Side 3:
Stryka Dread - Glory Dub
Dub Plate Vibes Crew - Agent Dub
Red & Blue - Tribute To The Gentle Giant
Side 4:
Black Roots - Take Heed
High Tech Roots Dynamic - Dub Robbery
I Phonic - Mother Africa
Inner State Sound System - Ark Of The Covenant

Clips Side 1

Clips Side 2

Clips Side 3

Clips Side 4