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Dub Out West - Volume 2 (Roots Forward Ever)

Nubian Records

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Original Press, a musical gem from the South-West! -

As well as the first volume, we are pleased to say that we got our hands on a few of these too, the second part of the seminal collection of 90's dub roots productions from the South West of the Uk, published by the Bristol-based 'Nubian Records' and 'Armagideon Sounds' imprints (in fact the address's stated on the sleeves indicated that they were pretty much round the corner from were we are situated).

Once again, these cuts stand the test of time, in fact they exceed their sell-by date, sounding ever-more crucial at this time.
Steppers how it should be done, full of energy, rumbling, thunderous - but always maintaining a pleasing sonic aesthetic, nuff creativity and good amounts of musicality.

Across the two discs of this 'Roots - Forward Ever' titled LP, we find more tracks from the Bristol area and it's surrounding cities -
From the storming 'Fishtown Dub' to the raw dub of 'Stryka Dread', original rootical sounds from 'Black Roots' and the rough and ready Scorcher Dub from the Armagideon label heads and musicians - it's all good, in fact, it's all very good stuff.

And if you need one last reason to be persuaded that this is a viable piece of wax - it features the first ever release from the, then still in their teenage years, Bristol-veterans 'Dubkasm' - then still named 'Dubchasm'.... And what a track! Super deep, mystical and heavy roots injections from one of Bristol's proudest exports.

Just as the first volume, this record is well worth it's biscuits - never mind the price tag.

Original press business, only a handful of copies in store - all sounding great and in great condition.

Served with another great D.I.Y. insert, featuring some words on the artists and promotional details.

You know what to do...

Shotgun Rockers - Fishtown Dub
Inner State Sound System - Kalahari Dub
Skelly Roots - Selassie I Feeling
Tribulation Dub - Culture D
Side 2:
Stryka Dread - Kick Down Vatican
Black Roots - In Captivity (Dubplate Mix)
Reading Music Collective - Ras Is Head Dub
Dubchasm - Chemical Reaction Dub

Side 3:
Daddy Roots - Dub Symphony
Armagideon - Jah Love Dub
Scorcher Dub - Imperial Force
Dub Ghecko - Only Jah
Side 4:
Alpha & Omega - Rightful Ruler
The Rhythm-Ites - Storm, Steal And Fire
Yagga Dan & Didi Skrew - Salvation Dub
Dub Plate Vibes Crew - King David Symphony

Clips Side 1

Clips Side 2

Clips Side 3

Clips Side 4