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Dubamine ft. Tristan Palmer - Joker Smoker

Dub Stuy

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Refix business of a Tristan Palmer classic, re-hashed by Dubamine for the Dub Stuy crew in New York.

All self-respecting dub heads would've heard about the Tristan Palmer original cut, a classic cut from the 80's.
Coming with a certified dubwise dubstep re-work for one of NY's leading soundystem crews, Bay-Area's Dubamine gets busy with this one, ramping up the bassline and getting crunchy with the drums.

Flip it around for some jazz-flute steppin' business with Saule sharing the production seat.

You know the deal with this one... If you can't resist a well-tuned edit of a JA hit, or if you're a fan of the early WAR white labels from around 2008ish then you can file this one alongside and deploy it at your local festival or crusty soundsystem event for maximum effect.


Dubamine - Joker Smoker (feat Tristan Palmer)

Dubamine & Saule - Jimini Dub