• Spear-Dub

DubDiggerz - Spear Dub / InTemi


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Foamplate's Plant Power returns with the rawest of sauce, this time by the Slovenian duo DubDiggerz.

A side Spear Dub is the choice cut for us - some people just know how to do subs, and Spear Dub is all about the lows - subtle pitch movement and a perfect touch of post-processing and you've got a bit of a monster on your hands, primed and ready for peaktime dancefloor deployment.

B side Intemi uses similar tactics with a melodic twist. Again, emphasis is right where it should be - down in the sub-frequencies. But instead of keeping focus squarely there, licks of guitar develop into a melancholy hook that provides a nice break from the spartan dread that occupies the rest of the 12.

Spear Dub