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Dubkasm - CM4400 EP

Dubkasm Records

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Marking the 28th release on their label, Dubkasm return with another set of ruff & tuff soundsystem killers, unbeatable contemporary dubwise styles from Digistep & Stryda.
This time along they deliver heavyweight slabs of Dubkasm style and Year 3000 dub across two discs, with the most cantankerous UK soundman in tow - Mark Iration.

Tried and tested in the dance, the acetate cuts have travelled the world with Dubkasm and Iration Steppas championing these certified burners across the globe over the last few years.
Now that they have been road tested, Dubkasm Records have gone the extra mile and dished these up, with precision mastering and cutting by the one-and-only Lewis at Stardelta for maximum pressure.
Entitled CM4400, the EP serves as an ode to the sturdy, trusty mixing desk that sits firmly in the centre of the Dubkasm studio, with the artwork (by none other than our very-own 'Studio Tape-Echo') based on the original 1986  instruction manual of this Sountracs CM4400 console.
And we should probably note that the production across these tracks is top-a-top, a rare treat in the soundsystem scene, the use of hardware and ear for musicianship (and sheer bassweight) really shows off across these discs.

From the incendiary 'Destination' with it's lift-off saxophone hook and the tumbling pace, through to the high-power Iration Steppas version entitled 'Destination High Rise' (The name of the Leeds-based Iration HQ) followed on the C side of the disc by the searing Iration dubplate cut of Dubkasm's infamous 'No Retreat' - there are some real 5am stompers in here, lights-on, hands-in-the-air kind of vibes.. If you've stuck around at a soundsystem session until the early hours you'll know what we mean. Powerful stuff.

But it's not all strictly pumping steppers business here, we also have some trademark deep dubwise business in the form of 'Progression' and 'Higher Realm' which round off this doublepack with a certain pressure and a meditative side that will keep the ears and minds focused whilst we soak up the sound.

Ok, now reach for that button and give the royal mail some work, because this one is certified DANGER.

2 x 12", 180g discs.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Printed sleeve, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

Disc 1:
Destination - Dubkasm
Inner Realm - Dubkasm
Progression - Dubkasm
Outer Realm - Dubkasm
Disc 2:
Destination High Rise - Iration Steppas
No Surrender - Iration Steppas
Progression 3000 - Iration Steppas
Higher Realm - Iration Steppas


Destination High Rise

No Surrender

Progression 3000