• Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Jah Bible

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Jah Bible

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A dubplate since the 90's, exclusive to Aba Shanti-I and his soundsystem, he was the sole person that could spin the acetate and play these cuts... Over 10 years of dubplate-exclusivity and this 10" is the answer to many a sound-head's calls -

Finally the plate is available to all, and even though the vocal and a dub of Ras Addis' Jah Bible appeared on Dubkasm's Brixton Rec LP, a track as seminal and rooted in soundsystem culture as this should always be given full vinyl attention.
For this reason we are graced with three further unreleased dubplate cuts, mixed by the legendary Aba Shanti-I at Falasha Studios around '98.

As the tonearm makes it's way through the grooves, things get ruffer and tuffer with each cut - ending with the delightfully stripped back, bare-bone dub that ends the disc, simply entitled 'Raw Dub'.

Soundsystem music on 10"...

Dubplate Style!

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Jah Bible


Falasha Style

Raw Dub