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Dubkasm ft. YT & Rudey Lee - Higher Meds / Coming In Ruff

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Dubkasm done did it again, coming in fresh and heavy with a brand new counteraction to 'Can't Stop This' by Dubkasm & Solo Banton, released as part of the My Music 3 x 7" a short while ago.

An original Dubkasm re-lick of the ever-hot 'One Man, One Vote' riddim, a 90's classic made famous by Dennis Brown's 'No More Walls' and Shabba's criminally underrated 'Build Bridges Instead', their 2014 update 'Can't Stop This' featured Solo Banton firing lyrical shots over that same bubbling bassline, exterminator style percussion and Digistep on blazing saxophone duties.

Having invited JA artists Turbulence and Luciano on Dubkasm's original Victory rhythm, they have now switched things up, putting homegrown stars YT and Rudey Lee on this classic Yard riddim.

YT delivers the first cut, energetic and conscious, a perfect continuation from the Solo Banton cut, perfectly matched when dropped alongside...
This is the kind of bassline you can juggle for hours, full of pressure and never easing off on the bounce.
A good thing, that there is a lush sax-drenched dub version with Digistep in full swing on the instrumental side of things, before we can drop back into the Rudey Lee vocal, one of the sweetest voices operating in Bristol town, a veteran from the Smith & Mighty days who has already earned his stripes and continues to shine on this 12" discomix cut.

With this 12" disc, the 'Can't Stop This' 7" from the previous Dubkasm & Solo Banton release, alongside a couple of choice o.g. cuts on this rhythm, you can set fire to a dancehall for a long time, with guaranteed reloads in order.

Don't sleep on this, pure fire once again!

YT - Higher Meds / Dubkasm - Dub Medi

Rudey Lee - Coming In Ruff (Discomix)