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Dubkasm Meets Luciano & Turbulence - Jah Victory / Right There

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As some of you will remember, around this time last year, we were able to offer an exclusive first run of Dubkasm's anthemic 'Victory' plate - A record that moved from it's exclusive dubplate status to the most sought-after record in the reggae world, shifting the expectations of vinyl-cynics and music lovers alike. It was an exciting time for us, and simply put, slightly overwhelming too!

This year, Dubkasm return with the follow-up, just as we thought they couldn't up the levels any more: The Victory instrumental was taken over to Jamaica, and it has now been voiced by two legendary voices: Luciano and Turbulence.

After some months of dubplate exclusivity, Dubkasm have now unveiled both cuts and are offering these in full glory, cut loud and clear, on heavyweight 180gsm 12", mastered by Lewis at Star Delta.

This is a completely fresh update of a tune that has already gained classic status, undeniably big tunes for the roots massive and beyond.

Whatever you do.... don't miss out!

Served on 180gsm vinyl, cut and mastered to the highest standard, by Lewis at Star Delta.

Dubkasm ft. Luciano - Jah Victory

Qabalah Dub

Dubkasm ft. Turbulence - Right There

Right Version