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Dubkasm - My Music (Version) / Crowned In Dub

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Bristol - Portland - Bristol -

Back again, from having been created in the Dubkasm studio down in Easton, Bristol - fired over to ZamZam HQ in Portland, pressed up and screenprinted, packaged back up and sent over here, now shipping worldwide from RwdFwd HQ in Bristol.

As you'd expect from Stryda & Digistep, this is high-quality music once again, two superb dub versions, crucial additions from their wicked link-up triple 7" release with Solo Banton some months ago.

Check the background info, quoted from ZamZam HQ:

"Last year’s Dubkasm Meets Solo Banton 7” triple pack was a worldwide hit, packed with lyrical vibes and immense production that paid respect to the boombastic 90’s digi-roots style of labels such as Xterminator and Two Friends. Powered by the breakout “My Music,” alongside Bristol grime MC Buggsy, the awesome set was missing only two things - crucial dubs of My Music itself, and the equally wicked “Never Let I Down.”

ZamZam had already been in conversation with Dubkasm about working together, when the label’s selector E3 realized that in recent sets he’d been following My Music with an Xterminator B-side only because there was no My Music dub available… yet. Tracy/Polygon Press forwarded the idea of a "double dub." Both crews were immediately thrilled with the prospect of crowning the original My Music set with two mighty versions that also stand alone brilliantly.

"My Music (Version)" opens with a heavy piano lead and rock-hard riddim. Sparks fly from flint & steel hi hat, an addictive, powerhouse bassline, and Solo Banton & Buggsy floating in and out of dubspace. Banton’s voice bursts forth again, with declarations of faith

in “Crowned In Dub,” the version to “Never Let I Down.” The tune rocks with another serious bassline and neck-snapping riddim, but is perhaps most defined by the unforgettable percussive steel pan melody, keeping the warm Caribbean roots alive in a dark, cavernous hall of reverb and echo.

Dubkasm (composed of Digistep & DJ Stryda) is one of the anchors of the worldwide roots, dub & sound system movement. Active since 1994, the Bristol institution tours constantly and has numerous essential vinyl releases on Peng Sound, Bristol Archive and most especially their own Sufferah’s Choice and Dubkasm imprints.

Sounding, and looking absolutely big -
A wicked disc!

Screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press, in a lovely two colour print on card sleeves.
limited to 700 copies, no digital, no repress!

My Music (Version)

Crowned In Dub