• Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Appleblim / Gatekeeper / Hyetal / Forsaken

Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Appleblim / Gatekeeper / Hyetal / Forsaken

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From the Dubkasm vaults 2010 - last copies!

On this three track 12”, Gatekeeper & Appleblim team up on remix duties of ‘Respek I spek / Touch I Heart’ on the A Side, whilst we are graced with two more brilliant remixes by Hyetal and Forsaken on the flip.

More proof of where Bristol’s sound system orientated musicians were at a few years ago, this twelve features three very different remixes, taking the Dubkasm original’s into new territory whilst still feeling very ‘at home’.

On the A Side, Gatekeeper & Appleblim keep hold of the uplifting horns and sax melody, whilst washing the remains of the track through big tails of reverb and filter sweeps before dropping into an offbeat kick drum rhythm and responsive bassline, topped with skippy hi-hat’s and percussion that keeps driving forward.
Beautifully crafted dubwise dubstep.

On the flipside, we are presented with two very different remixes, quite possibly the most original of the series…
Hyetal’s Remix of ‘Transformai’ delves into a melodious astral-synth harmony, grounded on gushes of white noise and a relentless low-end… A very thoughtful song that seems very far away in it’s own space and frame, whilst distant vocal’s by Jeru Banto and Ras Bernado as well as snippets of Brazilian street ambiance hint towards the original version.

Last but not least, Forsaken steps up to the plate: reworking the acoustic ‘Moses’ full of authentic Brazilian instrumentation and South American vibrancy, this track is the most far removed from the Bristol sound, yet it fits in with Forsaken’s rhythmical trademark. This remix is packed full with heat, energy and movement.

Dubkasm ft. Levi Roots & Afrikan Simba - Respek / I Spek (Appleblim & Gatekeeper Remix)

Dubkasm ft. Ras Bernado & Jeru Banto - Transformai (Hyetal Remix)

Dubkasm ft. Ras B - Moses (Forsaken Remix)