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Froid Dub comin at ya with this nicely unhinged and raw album of dubwise computerized rhythms via Delodio.

Wether it's this particular blend of frosty lovers rock to sub-zero dub and dancehall, you can hear those rootical basslines shifting through a tangle of wires and sent out to echo chambers in ice caves, bouncing back in a cool & deadly way - from the sombre steppers of 'frozen beat sandwich' to the mean sequence of 'Murderer's Dub' and the elevated 'First Floor Dub' and its icey electro-beat counterpart to finish off the disc - it's all, as the label say:

"Hot as ice!"
8-track EP compiling dub versions and bonus beats from the FROID DUB first EP, "An Iceberg Cruising the Jamaican Coastline", which takes the original icy grooves even deeper, and emphasises the precision of the Froid Dub’s rhythm collages. "

... Yep, it's a good'un. All freakwise dubwise crew, check it


1.Frozen Dub Sandwich
2.Iguana's Dub
3.Shotgun's Beat
4. The Murderer's Dub

1.Shotgun's Dub
2.Frozen Beat Sandwich
3.First Floor Dub
4.First Floor Beat

Iguana's Dub

Shotgun's Beat

Frozen Beat Sandwich

First Floor Beat