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Duckett - Gannets For Guano

Wisdom Teeth

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Duckett, of Freerotation fame, makes his Wisdom Teeth debut with the alliterative Gannets for Guano - headsy vibes here, with suggestions of Peverelist and Don't DJ's rhythmic finesse -

The A side hosts the two club-friendly tunes, "Black Sheep" and "She Answered Back Through No Medium". Both share an appetite for bleepy goodness and shuffling, off-beat house-derived rhythms - this side is definitely for fans of music in the Livity / Timedance vein.

The B side sees Duckett push the boat out a little more - Ghosts of African Women channels Don't DJ's preference for acoustic-sounding arrangements, featuring a distorted marimba, a thin layer of noise and subtly shifting perc-track - the distortion ramps up over the tune's runtime and disturbs the subtle ripples conjured in the tracks early sections.

Final track "When You Call Me Out" slows the tempo down dramatically, falling in somewhere between hip-hop, house and downtempo. Brief licks of bass - and melody give off bedroom jazz vibes - laid back but searching, a great way to round off the EP.

Black Sheep

She Answered Back Through No Medium

Ghosts of African Women

When You Called Me Out