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Duckett - The Balsamic State EP

Greta Cottage Workshop

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Gorgeous four tracker of cosmic minimal house from Ian Duckett on the ever excellent Greta Cottage Workshop label.

Duckett has years of experience under his belt, he started releasing back in 2001, and after a pause between 2007 and 2015 he returned to UntilMyHeartStops. His previous output was altogether darker and moodier, tracks like ‘Climate Flu’ back in 07 still sound relevant today, but, in the 7 year gap, Duckett’s sound had matured into the captivating sonics on the ‘Balsamic State EP’.

Balsamic State Terriors’ opens proceedings, a delicate kaleidoscopic trip through deep micro house territory (the good kind of course!). Followed up by the super laid-back grooves and sunkissed Rhodes of ‘Jackdaws On Astroturf’ (one of the finest track names on the EP).

Flip it for the Don’t DJ meets Sottofett styles of ‘This Is How We Do It’ and the MIDI trumpet lead and detuned bass of the best titled of tracks - ‘I Ain’t Seen The Cat For Three Days Now’.

It’s a trip, it’s a lot of fun and it’ll have the trainspotters scratching their heads - what’s not to like!

Housed in a hand painted sleeve meaning no two are alike.

Balsamic State Terriors

Jackdaws On Astroturf

This Is How We Do It

I Aint Seen The Cat For 3 Days Now