• Duppy Gun Meets Feel Free Hi-Fi
  • Duppy Gun Meets Feel Free Hi-Fi

Duppy Gun Meets Feel Free Hi-Fi

Digital Sting

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All Duppy Gun material has a way of making it to Rwdfwd, even if it must cross oceans! 

After righteously FWD & sold out hookups with Equiknoxx and Prophet Noir, Digital Sting turns its laser eye vision to Duppy Gun productions on this truly insane collab with in-house production unit Feel Free Hifi.

On the A1 and B1s: proper crew medley / mic-pass stylee with Duppy stable newcomer Tokeeno standing out with silver-tongued ragga-chat and Garnett Silk-esque piping harmonies. I Jahbar's on fine fine charismatic form as always (can we ever really tire of 'MYMYMY'?).

Frankly the riddims are evil, EVIL. Cyborg Version combines bhangra flares and grime vamps with a worming technoid hook that could be a long lost Lenky production from Now Thing 3. Baboon comes through like nothing we've ever heard (no 2000s comparisons here!), building in bass intensity with dynamic switches, dazzling interlocking riddims and I Jahbar and Tokeeno trading lines in what's one of the most thrilling bits of vocal dancehall committed to wax since that future classic Sikka Rhymes 12"..... 

Duppy Gun have done the right thing here spreading their wings; a global dancehall virus that continues to infect the dance. This an essential document for the future.

Immaculate wax here presented in that immaculate style we've come to expect from Digital Sting: hand stamped, DIY screenprinted and stickered - just for you.

IJahbar, King Geineous, Tokeeno - Burnin' Up

Feel Free Hi Fi - Burnin' Up (Cyborg version)

IJahbar, Tokeeno - Out Of Darkness

Feel Free Hi Fi - Out Of Darkness (Baboon version)