• Dur-Dur Band - volume 5

Dur-Dur Band - volume 5

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Originally released on cassette back in 1987, Awesome Tapes From Africa have now reissued and remastered the whole thing, spread across two discs, on wax for the first time,
beautifully presented and realized.

Dur-Dur Band were on of the leaders of Mogadishu's musical community, furthering the traditions of Somali's capital's musicians' inclines to fuse elements of traditional Somali music alongside Middle Eastern influences, Western Jazz and even Pop Music.
Dur-Dur Band emerged during a time when Somalia's distinctive contribution to the creative culture in the Horn Of Africa was visible and abundant.
With four featured vocalists - including the celebrated Sahra Dawo - as well as backing vocalists, plus trumpet, sax, keyboard, congas, drums, bass and guitars, the Dur-Dur Band cover the full spectrum.

Dur-Dur practiced a culture-orientated lyricism and was considered a 'private band' not beholden to government pressure to sing about political topics as many of the military and police force sponsored bands did at the time.

In a country that has been disrupted by civil war, heated clan divisions and security concerns, music and the arts has suffered from stagnation in recent years. Many of the best known Musicians left the country and music nearly became outlawed in Mogadishu in 2010.
Incidently nearly ten years after Volume 5 was recorded at Radio Mogadishu, the state run broadcaster was the only station in Somalia to resist the ban on music briefly enacted by Al-Shabab.

This recording, which was remastered from a cassette copy source, is a document of Dur-Dur band after establishing itself as one of the most popular bands in Mogadishu.
The challenge of locating a complete long-player from this era is evidenced by the fidelity of this recording.
However, the complex, soulful music penetrates the hiss and adds to the depth of it all, leaving us with a fine documentation of Dur-Dur circa 1987.

Great looking sleeve and stunning tracks to boot.

Includes download codes contained in the sleeve.

1 Dur-Dur Band Introduction
2 Hayeelin
3 Halelo
4 Fagfagley
5 Ilawad Cashaqa
6 Garsore Waa Ilaah
7 Aada Fududey Iga Ahow
8 Tajir Waa Ilaah
9 Dholey
10 Amiina Awdaay
11 Dooyo

Dur-Dur Band Introduction