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New licks on Wania -

Fresh in the post, another pizza box full of wax (no cheese).

Dropping real heavy with some spaced out, dubbed out dancefloor funk from E-GZR, the latest outing on the Sex Tags Mania offshoot comes loaded with 4 cuts, 4 untitled pieces of rhytym-driven, sub-fuelled, drum funk.

Especially mad moments occur on 'Untitled', when that dubbed out chord trails of into the abyss, almost sounding like the counterpart to 'Untitled' on the flipside... As the disc progresses we are elevated back from the depths  of 'Untitled' into higher heights, with acid-tinged pink clouds and echoe'd sonic angel dust flying coming at you from the speaker box, all whilst the heavy under-current of 'Untitled' carries the weight with finesse and fluidity.

From 'Untitled' to 'Untitled' and through to 'Untitled' - it's another very well-executed slab from the lab.

You know what to do!




Untitled / Untitled