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    Simo Cell launches his new 'TEMƎT' label with the Duo Road Ep from E-Unity.

    A real melting pot of styles across the 4 cuts here, splicing UK techno sonics with the bleeding edge dancehall production styles and crafty sound design to great effect. There's a definite nod toward the sonics belting out of Bristol on labels like Timedance, Livity Sound et al here of course and we're all over it - super fresh 12 this and one that'll reward adventurous DJs no end.

    Killer sleeve artwork by 'Dr. Me' as well, each record comes with a printed insert and was pressed in a short run of 300 - we don't anticipate these sticking around long, as a quick listen to the clips will make clear...

    Duo Road

    Not For Me

    Late Tale Tale

    Inner Osc