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E3 - To The End / El Mahdy Jr Remix

Boomarm Nation

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E3 and El Mahdy Jr make up the parts to this heavyweight 7", hitting somewhere between Mark Pritchard's mighty 'Elephant Dub' for Deep Medi a few years back, and a more cavernous version of Digital Mystikz or Vex'd.

The original cut comes from Portland's E3, following up a string of high-grade releases on ZamZam and Hotline in usual dreader-than-dread style and fashion. Flip it around for an extra version from Istanbul-based El Mahdy Jr, working his signature magic once again, strengthening the connection with the ZamZam and Boomarm Nation with another fine piece of border-crossing music.

Limited to 550, hand-stamped and designed by Polygon Press.

E3 - To The End

El Mahdy Jr Remix