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Earth Two² - Bokeh Edwards / Jay Glass Dubs

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Fresh import straight from source,Bokeh bossman and Jay Glass Dubs reel off this peach of a mixtape - we've been hammering it on the office tape deck the last couple days and it's a real trip. No track listing of course but it's delightfully all-over the shop but still makes perfect sense...

'Following bold efforts from Intimacy and Sound Transitions, the quest to discover an uncharted planet continues. Coined Earth Two by those remaining on its namesake, we join our intrepid explorers, the regular co-conspirators Bokeh Versions and Jay Glass Dubs, already leagues into their respective expeditions.

Too late to change course, an interstellar cloud emerges on the Bokeh Versions flightpath, a fissure in space-time spotted forming at its centre. Passing through, the wormhole epoch feels like a millennia, charging through goth rock, boom bap and industrial hip hop, bleeding into atonal electronics and cerebral dissonance. Thrashing violently, imposing industrial structures emerge from the inky abyss like brutalist monoliths, rugged and decayed. The unforgiving nature of space exploration has never been more apparent – faced with the introduction of corrosive horrorcore experimentalism, it appears their fate’s are sealed. Respite from the turbulence, avant-garde meditations and exhilarating amen loops tinged with primal spirituality suggest it was merely a portal, a doorway to a place of transcendent unity with the cosmic entity known as Ashtar Sheran.

Same destination, different journey, conscious-expanding sonics and ethereal moments signal Jay Glass Dubs’ morphological transcendence. Contemplative, like Arthur C. Clarke’s Star Child, he presides over the blue sphere he once called home; psych-rock, proggy Kosmische minimalism, new age, library and avant-folk sensibilities only giving way to hardcore punk and impenetrable riffs as the turmoil on the planet’s surface invades his consciousness. All downcast piano chords and sombre ambient moods, Jay closes proceedings in stately melancholy while reflecting on the halcyon days of human existence.'