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Earthen Sea - Mirage

Lovers Rock

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Dive into the depths, float through the void -

The Solo project of Jacob Long, an elusive San Francisco artist who's been quietly releasing meditative cassettes over the last decade, finds it's perfect home on this beautifully pressed 12" via the Lovers Rock imprint.

"Recorded in private sessions either late at nigh or just after dawn, the music on Mirage is pulsing with life, yet mesmerizingly still, with hypnotic kicks and driving low-frequency shaping a platform for the intricate textures and unspooling chords to shift shape throughout the journey of these tracks.

Subtle changes invite the listener further into it's developing sonic aura, the occasional splash of reverbed percussion shakes one's mind momentarily out of the fixated space, adding new colour and shape to the engulfing drones.

A fully immersive piece, each track sways through it's motions in a seamless manner, pulsating rhythm makes sure the anchor stays put in the depths... until we reach the final track 'Venus' - the beatless continuation that pulverizes the amalgamation of previous tracks into fresh air and evaporates into space...

A superb record that feels accomplished in it's raw form, revealing unheard layers with each listen...

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