• Screwface

East Man & Walton - Screw Face / Don't Speak

Hi Tek Sounds

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Big, bashy East Man & Walton collabo, out on 12" via East Man's Hi Tek Sounds label >>

On the A side, we got 8 bar screwface business galore - the aptly titled A Side let's detuned square waves bounce - gunfingers aimed up high - around scratchy percussion and slappin' claps for a proper bit of satisfying grime, o.g. style.

Flipside, the drums get chewed up and spat out through some kind of vortex, ice-cold drum tool vibes as the sub rattles the foundations, and Goldeneye type sonar blips search out the local area for any snakes that deserve a headshot.

This is a killer record for all die-hard grime fans and all those who like it cool & deadly -
as with much of East Man's output - these tracks are no nonsense, straight to the point and primed for the mix and blend.



Screw Face

Don't Speak