• Earth-Rocking

Echo Roots - Earth Rocking Dub

Downbeat Sounds

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High-power steppers from Echo Roots!

This disc has been on rotation in the Peng Sound record bag for some years now, and recently Ishan Sound has been caught spinning this one in session too - we're glad to have got our hands on a bunch of these for you & yours.

High energy, electrifying steppers cuts from Echo roots right here... A wicked bassline, nuff zaps & synares, and those loveable midi-horns are on the menu here, adding to the fast-paced percussion and haunting synthline towards the middle section.

Quickfire business, 'Earth Rocking' on the A side, followed by 'Earth Rocking Dub' with it's hollow reverbs and sharp echoes.

This one a must.

Earth Rocking

Earth Rocking Dub