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Egoless - Im from the Balkans


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6 releases in and Blacklist have yet to put a foot wrong - This time around, Egoless on the boards for three tracks of his own brand of soundsystem magic.

Up top, the main event and title track practically falls over itself as it tumps out the speaker box, a crafty exploration of triplet themes and janky percussion, a twisted mesh of metal and organic sound design in an awkward harmony, lovely stuff.

Psychonautilus on the flip takes a more restrained approach, leaving the elements plenty of room to breathe. The real gem for us though is the last track 'Uck Foff', a mean as you like half-stepper with that grubby texture that is reminiscent of early Breakage productions, anvil weight bass and an infectious shuffle seal the deal - this one's a must.

Housed in a tidy looking printed kraftliner sleeve.

I'm From The Balkans


Uck Foff