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Egoless - Non Immigrant Song

ZamZam Sounds

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  • Import straight from Portland - this one was a little delayed thanks to the crew at customs so hold tight them.

Huge achievement for ZamZam's Tracy & Ezra, 50 releases deep and still full steam ahead, that's a lot of late nights and a lot of screenprinting hours! Celebrating with one of the finest cuts in their back cat, Egoless returns to the label with Tenor Youthman for this politically charged plate.

Backed up with a loud as a thunderclap dub mix on the flip, it's a downright essential addition to the collection. This one ships with a colour A3 poster as well, showcasing all of the 50 ZamZam sleeves - what an achievement, here's to the next 50!

Non-Immigrant Song

Non-Immigrant Dub