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Another gem from a recent haul sent over from our friends in Russia, at STELLAGE -

We have a couple of copies of this oblique piece of sound-art and disruptive dark ambient, from Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki, served in edition of 150 copies via Kotä >>

"There are two ways to use sound: in one way sound is close to music, however, it is also close to sculpture. In fact, it is not the medium that’s important but that you have a beginning and an end and that you can move around in the space."

From the dizzying vertigo of opening track 'LA', which opens up the vortex across a slowly expanding tunnel of motorized drones, bass convulsions and whirring atmospherics, through to the stark, red-hot and hellish soundscape of Death Valley - Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki really manages to conjure up worlds that feel relatable, but totally otherwordly at the same time -
There's a good chance our ears are being tricked by the mangled nature of these frequencies, abstracted into new shapes, but when diving into the sounds of this long playing record, we can hear a twisted sound of the sea, the sound of embers burning at dry leaves, we can hear industrial, machinistic sounds and we can hear gentle, airy movement via frequencies all tangled up in a kind of dance with each other, like a simulacrum of opposites, melted into a hot lava of slow, peaceful destruction, like a force of nature in all it's beauty, and danger.

- like an entry into another world, just let it play out from start to finish and see where it takes you...

Edition: 150
180g, pressed on 12" red transparent vinyl.
Duotone offset print Pantone 485c + Black overprint.

Composed and produced: Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki, Los Angeles
Mixed: Johan Skugge
Mastered: Sergey Luginin at Luginin Studio, Moscow
Design: Ivan Shpak
Cover photo: Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki
Recorded at King Carl XVI Gustaf Chambers, Stockholm
Semikols Record Pressing, Riga 2020

A1 L.A. 14:52
A2 EBY30 5:32
B1 EBY28.31 9:56
B2 Death Valley 8:53



EBY 28.31