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Ekman - Godelian Argument

Bedouin Records

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The consistently terrifying Ekman continues his reign of terror with a 5 track EP of brash Acid inflected Techno on Bedouin Records.

Continuing the stripped and pulverised aesthetic of his previous releases on "Trilogy Tapes" and "Bercuese Heroique" this EP is squarely aimed at the dancefloor. However, the track titles seem incongruous with such a hedonistic setting. Primarily concerning themselves with Philosophical theories of Mechanism, whether the human mind can be reduced to a set of mechanist functions such as a clock or a computer, and whether our consciousness is built through outside forces interacting with our innate unconscious and passive matter.

It seems that Ekman is sat on the fence of this argument as the rigid drum machines stomp along as if to represent uniformity and insensate robots, the contemplative and slightly deranged synths are redolent of a feeling mind, full of paranoia, compelled to search for answers, "The Consciousness Of An Anthropic Mechanism" illustrates this perfectly. On the other hand "I Am Not A Turing Machine, You Are" rasps and spits in firm defiance of such reductionism whilst title track "Godelian Argument" demonstrates an appreciation of the other side.

Simulating in all senses, this EP is truly a workout for the head and the feet. What makes us human? Can we be reduced to unfeeling automata? Do we have free will or is it all an illusion of the mind?….

Quantitative Matter & Motion

I Am Not A Turing Machine

Godelian Argument

The Consciousness Of An Anthropic Mechanism