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Ekoplekz / Ensemble Skalectrik

Feral Tapes

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We're very glad to have got our hands on some of these Cassettes, picked up in a dodgy backstreet near Stokes Croft, Bristol from the man himself, Nick Edwards - mainly known as Ekoplekz and also Ensemble Skalectrik (a homage to the renowned electronic music producer and illusive character 'Maurizio Bianchi')

This Cassette-only Release from the Feral Tapes imprint is limited to 75 copies, and we've been told it's pretty much sold out everywhere else.
The only track to surface on the Net seems to be 'Working Man's Dub' of which we have uploaded the clip, but we will leave it at that, and let the rest of the musical journey reside on each Cassette.
Fans of Nick Edward's output of the last years will be able to tell you that this clip represents possibly the 'nicest' of Ekoplekz's productions, a very mellow track compared to his usual output, which encompasses overdriven and exaggerated dub techniques with the attitude and anger of punk music, whilst reminding of the BBC Radiophonic workshop sessions, late at night with the doors shut all windows secured, testing the equipment to the maximum.
On one side we are presented with five tracks of 'scuzzy dub tinged electronics' by Ekoplekz and on the flip we are presented with a 'monolithic slab of noise' from Ensemble Skalectrik... Not for the faint-hearted.
A very solid product, the pitch black Cassette is wrapped up in a strong card cover, with an abstract silver print, designed by Daniel Ward.
Great Stuff!

-Side A:
Duppy Drone
Working Man's Dub
Militant Tendency
Song For Con

-Side B
The Bianchi Code

Ekoplekz - Working Mans Dub