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Ekoplekz - Unfidelity LP

Planet Mu

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Ekoplekz landz on Planet Mu -

Nick Edwards, the name behind Ekoplekz, a Bristolian musician of the unorthodox school, is a name we have been following for some years now.

Emerging out of the mist of the Bristol post-dubstep era - not musically, just historically - Nick has turned heads with his rekindled love for D.I.Y. electronics and a punk attitude towards the dancefloor.

After a series of cassettes and vinyl releases in the last year - some of which appeared under different monikers such as 'Ensemble Skalectrik' - Ekoplekz kept things under wraps for a while, concentrating on his live shows and feeding tracks to Planet Mu's 'Mike Paradinas', who would quietly receive them... and after a year of contemplation and arrangements, finally came back to Nick Edwards with a tracklist: 'Here's your album, it's done' ... Nick tells us, he didn't even realise he had this kind of album in him, it was a positive surprise even to himself.

What we are presented with here, is Nick's most contemplated and perhaps most accomplished work to date... a great album that stands out from his previous work in it's restrained and perfectly formed entity.

We have always loved Ekoplekz's raw and aggressive live-shows, but this LP brings out a new side to him... perhaps more listenable, from a 'home' perspective... and dare we say it, some of these tracks could even be beatmatched with other music... although you shouldn't be mistaken - it's still very off-grid and unhinged, as it should be.

Ekoplekz's most definitive album to date.
Don't just listen to the clips, add it to the collection and listen to the whole thing, that's how it's intended.

Free mp3's included.

Illustrations by Zeke Clough. Balanced by Ben Curzon.

Trace Elements
Nerva Beacon
Robert Rental
Severn Beach
Sea 90
Coalpit Heath
Pressure Level
Analogue Twitch
Tuning Out
Sleng Zen

Trace Elements / Robert Rental

Nerva Beacon

Coalpit Heath / Pressure Level

Analogue Twitch / Tuning Out / Sleng Zen