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El Kid - Labyrinths EP


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Unique material from Sam Kidel FKA El Kid, out on the NoCorner label, initally cassette-only, then remastered for vinyl around 2014 -

Originally released in an edition of 100 cassettes and sold out within days, we are proud to present this set of tracks to you, reissued and fully remastered to 180g 12".
Also available as part of the 'From The Reels - A NoCorner Collection' four disc set, we are happy to be able to offer the Labyrinths EP as a standalone piece also.
For more info on this Record and the NoCorner project, visit tape-echo.com or search for the 'From The Reels' product on this site.

Recordings from a skeleton radiophonic crew trapped inside a critically damaged nuclear submarine listing in the
deepest arctic waters.

All sea going vessels are obligated to carry a Voyage Data Recorder, the maritime equivalent of a black box, this
cassette may be considered the final transmissions from the fictional SS Labyrinth, moments before it reached
crush depth.

Rich in texture, with the intricacies of the finest minimal techno and attention to detail that has led to El Kid
(Sam Kidel), a member of the Young Echo collective, composing film scores.

Cut to one continuous groove per side, this disc flows uninterruptedly, offering the same listening experience as the cassette did - it's also been beautifully remastered by Lewis at Stardelta and is easily loud enough for the DJ's.

Includes download code.

Served in printed sleeve, designed by Robin Stewart and Studio Tape-Echo.
Cut to 180g heavyweight vinyl.
Mastered at Stardelta.
Limited to 500, as part of the 'From The Reels - A NoCorner Collection'.




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