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El Mahdy Jr. - Die Before You Die Mixtape

Boomarm Nation

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Last few copies of this 40 minute mixtape from Algerian producer El Mahdy Jr -

"A behind the scenes look at the sounds which inspired the sonic landscape of the artist’s album, “Time To Sell The Golden Teeth” the which appeared on Portland's Boomarm Nation a little while back.

Featuring a hypnotic blend of devotional sounds, field recordings, and traditional Algerian Chaabi, stitched together with tracks from his album.

The mixtape breathes with a peace and honest fidelity much needed in these times of turmoil, uncertainty, and amplitude."

In our eyes, this is the kind of thing that is absolutely un-top-able on the cassette format... It's made for your hifi, or, if you are extra-devoted, for a long walk with the weighty walkman in the jacket pocket.

Last chance to grab on of these before they're gone.

Printed onbody with printed j card.
Limited edition.