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El Mahdy Jr - Gasba Grime EP

Danse Noire

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From Algeria to Istanbul to Bristol, Gasba Grime -

Algerian born, Istanbul based El Mahdy Jr is pushing a sound that is unique to him: tinged with the depth of dub, the alertness of arabic music and the unconfined spirit of grime and hip hop, his tracks flow free from structural restrictions, whilst always maintaining a healthy dose of rhythm and melody, swerving around a heavy bassline.

Throughout the four original Mahdy productions featured on this disc for the Lyon / Geneva based 'Danse Noire' label, we are dropped right in the midst of his musical flurry, never easing off on the pressure, always at the brink of rhythmical implosion... from the shuffled patterns and melody shifts of 'Crack Addicted Belly Dancer' to the assertive step of 'Lost Bridge', El Mahdy's music is made with a free spirit, and it's an even more rewarding listen for this reason.

Making up the second cut on the B-Side, Young Echo's 'Killing Sound' dissect the stems of 'Lost Bridges' and lay them out in a dread, cold Bristol style and fashion... intense and effective, it's certainly one of the highlights on this 12".

Unique and original, it's sn accomplished EP, equally fit for a dingy club-setting or to be played at high-volume on your home speakerbox.

Crack Addicted Belly Dancer

Lost Bridges (Killing Sound Remix)


Gasba Grime / Lost Bridges