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El Mahdy Jr - Ghost Tapes


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El Mahdy Jr unveils the rhythmic vaults, with his latest piece, entitled 'Ghost Tapes' -

One of our favourite electronic musicians to have surfaced from in between Algeria and Turkey in recent years, El Mahdy has proved already that he will not be confined to a trend or stylistic movement - his approach is deeply personal, obviously a reflection of the sounds he finds himself immersed in.

Whether it's a distant prayer call, reverberated drums, skeletal rumble or radio-frequency - the Algerian born producer manages to patch and morph his found-palette into something very immersive and unrestrained.

Wether it's the call and response of crackling signals and guttural, ghostly bassline or the unexpected switches from estranged voices and fragments of melody into something totally unrecognisable, there's always an underlying current of heavy rhythm amongst the distortions and excavations.

This LP on Discrepant sees him delve into the experimental side of sound even more fearlessly, putting forward his most frenzied amalgamations of source material across the 30-ish minute span of this disc.
Most frequencies for this record seem to have been gathered from unconventional sources, or at least shrouded in a mist of alterations and disguises, yet it somehow manages to stick to it's own scale and internal rhythm - making it possible to get immersed in the exceptional detail that lies in these pieces.

A totally engrossing record that will surely unveil further secrets with each listen -
this is a keeper, for sure.

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