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El Mahdy Jr. - Raï Dubs

Boomarm Nation

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Fresh 10" import from Portland, via Istanbul! -

Fresh off the heels of 'The Spirit Of Fucked Up Places' LP - an outstanding release on Boomarm Nation that launched off-kilter, transnational rhythm and bass by the Algerian born El Mahdy out into the world via a limited edition of 12"s in screen printed D.I.Y. sleeves last year...

Boomarm come correct once again, with this run of 10"s featuring the musical works of El Mahdy Jr, Gulls, XJ and Alter Echo.
Spawned from a shared love of old school Algerian Raï music and audio deconstruction, they collaboratively sampled Raï classics from cassettes and youtube rips, resulting in three tunes and a version.

Four tracks of sourced algerian material, dubbed out to the very max, injected with big slabs of sub bass and sonic trickery... laced with poly-rhythmic qualities and stumbling drum patterns -

Each artist really pulls their weight here, this is no throw-away project or half-assed production we're talking about - you can hear the detail and thought that went into these tracks.
With each listen new layers will unveil themselves and a rhythm which may have thrown you off-guard the first time round will capture you with all it's entrancing force.

Seriously good stuff, highly original.

Limited to 300.
Served in a screen printed jacket.

El Mahdy Jr -Disco Maghreb

Disco Maghreb (Alter Echo Version)

El Mahdy Jr - R4 Dub

Peugeot 504 (Gulls Mix)