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El Mahdy Jr. - The Spirit Of Fucked Up Places (CASSETTE EDITION *EXCLUSIVE*)

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Available for the first time on cassette, exclusively through Rwd Fwd!

loaded with 7 cuts of unique sonic amalgamations and diverse rhythmic structures, soaking up an array of influences, from smoked out, sub-driven constructions to hazy fractures of lost memories from the heritage of  Algerian born, Istanbul-based producer ‘El Mahdy Jr’.

Capping off the 12″ – we have a tough and rugged remix of the title track ‘Phantomatik’ by Portland’s ‘Alter Echo’ along with production partner and ZamZam label boss ‘E3′.

As El-Mahdi Rezoug (also known as El Mahdy Jr) states in the latest issue of The Wire, he draws influences from everyday life and the spirits that surround him in a society that is diverse in trouble and fortunes.
His music draws deep from personal emotion and feeling and this is certainly audible when listening through the Album.

With the low-end presence of UK soundsystem music and upfront rhythmical structures of Rap music possibly playing a part in the outcome of El Mahdy’s productions, one can try to pin his sound down to certain styles but it’s the chopped and manipulated vocal snippets and traditionally arabic scale-use that add El Mahdy’s touch of magic into the mix….

He states ‘Arabesk’ music – a style that has gained great popularity in the streets of the arab world – as one of his influences and reference points.

But however much you try, it’s not easy to pin the musical efforts down to a specific genre – ‘The Spirit Of Fucked Places’ draws it’s influences from a number of sounds and surroundings, the tracks can swerve from introvert to extrovert within the space of a few minutes.

And exactly this is what makes listening to this LP such a rewarding experience, it is simple in essence but dense in structure.
Rough and raw, but fine in detail.

Mastered by Alter Echo.

Side A:
Coins & Diamonds
Douga Douga

Side B:
Zalim Delay
Permanent Defeat
From Hate To Smoke
Phantomatik (AE & E3 Remix)



Zalim Delay

Permanent Defeat

Phantomatik (AE & E3 Remix)