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El Mahdy Jr - Time To Sell The Golden Teeth

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El Mahdy Jr, back on Boomarm with the long-awaited 2nd LP >>

Making deft impressions ever since he landed the first full-length on the label some years ago, El Mahdy Jr has treated listeners to excellent gear on Discrepant & Danse Noire since that highly praised first LP 'The Spririt Of Fucked Up Places' -
The Algerian musician who's craft is heavily influenced by his residence in Turkey and it's neighbouring regions, often flits between abstractions of local rhythms and recorded ambience of surroundings, expanded soundscape into a condensed stream of dubwise structure... Equal portions of brain and body music, something for a late night on the headphones, whilst it is no doubt ready to give the heads & legs a workout on a worthy soundsystem.

It's a truly unique collection of music, all peppered with trademark sound collage and complex, but totally natural rhythmic & melodic structures that incorporate the open spaces as well as the occupied ones, a clever dynamic interplay that is as engrossing as it can be.

Wether it's the heart-wrenching, yet tough opener 'Revolt Yourself' (worth the purchase for this one alone!), the meditative & shadowy 'Perishan' or the skewed bass swarms of 'Passenger' -
'Time To Sell The Golden Teeth' is a highest-grade follow up to the first full-length outing, and a further cementation of El Mahdy Jr's unique, worldly style and approach.

El Mahdy can do no wrong, and neither can you by supporting this!

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1. Revolt Yourself
2. Time To Sell The Gold Teeth
3. Primitive Methods
4. Perfectly Chased
5. Baat'in (ft. HAMORABI 13th IMAM)
6. Eternal Here amd Now
7. Perishan
8. Passenger
9. Ashik

Revolt Yourself

Time To Sell The Golden Teeth