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Highly developed strains of future facing drum n bass offshoots, spread over three plates - out of the belly of Berlin via Dubplates & Mastering.

Those familiar with Hidden Hawaii will need no introduction, but for those yet to dive in - the label has released some of the most genre bending takes on 170bpm gear that we've ever had the pleasure of encountering. Felix K & DB1 are among those who have wowed us with essential records on the label alongside a whole host of lesser known names, each spanning that magic grey area where D&B and techno collide.

Eschewing the genre staple, breaks, in favour of solid kick drums and taught snares (or sometimes no snares at all) 'Elemnts' toys with conventions right from the off - experimenting not only with tempo but time signatures, indeed, all of the plates in this killer package can be played at 33 or 45 rpm, the different time signatures allowing complex blends between otherwise incompatible tempos.

Straight in with the halftime, sub aquatic styles of #Square1, one of the more conventional tracks, this is also echoed in the effortlessly rolling #Square3. Easing into the realm of techno on #Octagon1 and  stripping things right back to a box jam on No.2.

A stunning album as well as a versatile collection of DJ tools when put in the right hands, it's very easy to loose an evening in this, be it sitting back and soaking it in, or twisting your head up and discovering new forms while these are in the mix. Very highly recommended.

Square #1

Square #3

Octagon #2

Circle Of Light #2