• Elijah Minnelli -  Creamed Horn

Elijah Minnelli - Creamed Horn

Accidental Meetings

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Boom! Elijah Minelli on AM. 

makes sense.

"There's not a huge amount of information surrounding the illustrious Elijah Minnelli, but after a run of highly sought-after 7"s with his own label, Elijah Minnelli debuts on Accidental Meetings.

An exciting match-up by any means, Elijah's unique style is in full blow, with extra added hazy reverb & delay."

 Dubwise, no compromise -

All tracks are brilliantly dubbed & organic on this one, but a special mention goes to that stepping casiotone stylee on the final cut, topping the dub haze off in fine style >>

tasty hand-designed font work on that sleeve too!


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