• Housebreaker

ELLLL - Housebreaker w/ Parris' Slo'Motion Remix

First Second Label

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Thunderous and aptly titled wrecking ball swinging straight at your manor from ELLLL on First Second Label.

Dialling back the D&B tempo a notch to devastating effect, the title track steams in on locomotive weight breaks and fizzing mentasams - This dreadnaught energy melts away for the 'Alantis Dub' on the flip which submerges the drums and disolves those high pressure stabs to ethereal pads - it's like a split between Renegade Hardware and Good Looking Records.

Parris twists up the original into totally unfamiliar shapes on for the final track, crafting a monolithic slab of slo-mo tech-step, a real highlight.

Deadly plate this and served up in a tasty looking sleeve too...


Housebreaker - Alantis dub

Housebreaker - Parris Slo'Motion remix